One Earth.
One Water Cycle.

The AquaOptimism curriculum promotes awareness, education, and hope about the resource that makes our planet special.

Supporting a sustainable Blue Future with an innovative, integrated K-12 curriculum


In the ocean & on land makes earth habitable

Water is fundamental to our existence.

The AquaOptimism K-12 curricular units develop student awareness of and stewardship for ocean and freshwater resources through thoughtful design and transformational practices

Separate matrix of relevant teaching materials (books, videos, etc.) available

Career awareness woven thoughout

Based on U.S. standards (NGSS & Common Core) and global initiatives (e.g. UN Sustainable Development Goals)

Uniform unit design of 8 modules (minimum of 8 weeks of instruction each)

Inquiry-based, collaborative, BlueSTEM curriculum

Student-centered, optimism-oriented learning

Interdisciplinary instruction including literacy, engineering, design thinking and hands-on investigation

Culminating with reflection, exhibition and student action

Innovative K-12 education about "all things wet"

AquaOptimism blends STEM curricular design, innovative learning, and TMA Foundation’s vision for a sustainable Blue Future, giving students the tools they need to create, innovate, and lead.


Grades K-2

Upper Elementary

Grades 3-5

Middle School

Grades 6-8

High School

Grades 9-12

AquaOptimism is a global Blue Education initiative. If it's wet, its Blue!

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Of Earth’s surface is covered by water
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Of Earth’s water is in the ocean
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Of Earth's water is available as freshwater
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Cubic kilometers of water are cycled through the atmosphere yearly

Partners & Supporters

For years TMA has focused on education and workforce development. AquaOptimism was developed as an integrated K-12 education program to promote understanding and hope about One Water and the critical role of BlueTech in a sustainable Blue Economy. If you are an educator, policy maker or investor, we have a lot to talk about.

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