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Given staffing constraints, we are only able to provide phone consultations for purchasers of over 500 units. This is being done to keep prices as reasonable as possible… and keep us focused on new content. Thank you for your understanding.

AquaOptimism offers individual, extensive (20-30 pages) Teacher Unit Plans and shorter Student Units (2-3 pages) for students. Each classroom, as an example, will need to purchase at least one Teacher Unit Plan and Student Units for each student.

  • This demo request will allow you to view 1 module from 1 grade level unit – your choice!
  • Or, purchase a teacher unit for $4.75 to have all 8 curriculum modules for one year. What a deal!
  • Individual teacher and student log-ins are required for each user, good for one year.
  • Bulk purchasers of over 500, please advise number of student units you’re considering, and we can provide demo access across grade levels.

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