Preserving our precious Blue resources with education

AquaOptimism is designed to help you develop your students' awareness of and stewardship for our Blue Planet.

Water fuels our planet and economy

They don't call it the Pale Blue Dot for no reason. Water is essential to all life on Earth, and a major driver of our global economy

$2 T

Size of ocean & water economies in 2010


million miles 3 total water on earth


Fresh water on earth (including glaciers)


fish species endangered or critically endangered

Our approach to lasting change

AquaOptimism education for coming generations globally

Inquiry based BlueSTEM curriculum for classroom or remote learning. Engage students across the K-12 spectrum to construct understanding of water related issues and develop an optimistic, action oriented stance towards our Blue Future.

Adaptable for virtual learning

Interdisciplinary, inquiry based units at every grade level, TK-12

Ready to implement in your classroom

Powered by TMA BlueTech and its educational arm TMA Foundation

The AquaOptimism™ K-12 Curriculum is a global educational initiative by one of the world’s foremost ocean and water tech clusters.

TMA BlueTech collaborates with leading ocean and water tech clusters and organizations around the world.  It looks forward to collaborating with educational institutions internationally on this program, as well. 

Come make waves with us

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