Since 2016, TMA BlueTech, a regional nonprofit organization, has partnered with San Diego Unified School District – the second largest district in the State of California – and other partners to embed marine science, technology, and career exploration in local schools. San Diego’s rich history in the development of sustainable science-based ocean and water industries has led to a robust BlueTech industry with thousands of jobs focused on innovation, education, and engineering. As such, local school districts and other agencies called for access to a hands-on curriculum to transform the way they teach about science. In response, TMA BlueTech worked with an experienced team of educators to create AquaOptimism – a full K-12 online curriculum for broad distribution. 

In 2022, The Ocean Foundation joined forces with TMA BlueTech to manage and distribute AquaOptimism to schools throughout the U.S. and other regions. With more than 20 years’ experience working on marine science capacity building, education, and workforce development, The Ocean Foundation is uniquely equipped to help promote sustainable ocean and water technology and BlueTech career awareness. 

We are also now working with Pharos Creative, a marketing and communications firm that specializes in website development, graphic design, photography and creative strategy.

Together, our dynamic team is proud to bring you AquaOptimism. 

Help us develop the next wave of BlueTech heroes.

We need your help to bring BlueTech education, career awareness, and hands-on learning to more schools. Make a donation to help us deliver AquaOptimism to K-12 students in underserved communities around the world.

The Ocean Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to support, strengthen, and promote those organizations dedicated to reversing the trend of destruction of ocean environments around the world. Every donation is a valued, tax-deductible contribution that supports the continued development of the AquaOptimism curriculum and our collective efforts to promote global ocean and freshwater stewardship. 

Learn more about The Ocean Foundation’s work with community engagement here.