Getting Started with Your Classroom

Congratulations on creating your AquaOptimism account! We’re so glad you’re here. Below are the next steps to setting up your classroom, classes, courses and students. 

Single User

Do you plan to go through the course lessons on your own? Great! Click here to jump right in.
  • You can do this even if you plan to set up classrooms later.
  • This is the right option if your students don’t have access to their own devices.



Have students that will be exploring the course lessons with you? Fantastic! Let’s set up your classroom so that they can proceed at their own pace (and you can track their progress)!

How to set up your online classroom:

  1. Create Your Teacher Account
    (If you already received a registration email, check that off, done!)
    When your account was created, your classroom was created as well. Your classroom is your personal space from which you teach one or more classes.


  2. Create Your Class(es) Here, and Add Courses
    • Create and name each class you will be teaching in your classroom.
    • We recommend using a consistent format that includes your name and the group you’re teaching, such as:
      Chris Smith – Grade 3 Period 2: 2022-23
    • Choose how many seats for each class you’ve created
    •  Add courses that you will be teaching to that class.
  1. Assign Seats to Your Students
    (There are 3 ways to do this)
    • Only have a few students?
      Create each student account, one at a time, by entering their email address and an identifier nickname (not their full name — for online safety best practices, we recommend first name and last initial).
    • Have a lot of students in this classroom?
      Upload a CSV file containing all student names and email addresses for this classroom.
    • Want your students to do all the work?
      Generate a unique classroom registration code that you can email to all your students, letting them enroll / create their own accounts.

OK, your classrooms are all set. Now what?

Once your students are enrolled, you can check their progress at any time, right from your dashboard. Click your username at the top right of the screen, and choose Your Students from the pop-up.

You're Ready to Teach!

A few other helpful tips:

  • If you are enrolling students in additional classrooms, use the same process for each. You can do this anytime by returning to the Your Students page.
  • Click Edit Classroom Details to customize the name and photo associated with each class.
  • You can view student progress at any time from the Report tab. 
  • If you represent a School District or partner organization buying for a large audience (500 or more users), please contact us for discounted pricing and personalized support during the setup process!

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