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Welcome to the AquaOptimism family! 

To create and see your user groups, click on the text below with your account name. 

Step 1
Prepare a CSV file with the users (teacher and students) for each class. Make sure that you have identified the teacher and the students on each CSV.  Alternatively, you can also add users individually. 

 Step 2

  1. Scroll down and click on Enrolled Users. 
  2. Click on Enroll New User.
  3. Select Upload via CSV and Choose File. Only upload one class at a time. Users can also be added one by one.

Step 3

  1. Scroll down and click on Create New Group.
  2.  For clarity, name the group using the name of the school, grade and teacher (i.e. School 1 – Grade 5 – Smith).
  3. Input the number of seats. This is the number of students and teachers allocated to the group you are creating. Identify the teacher(s), then the students. 
  4. In the Units field, add the course being assigned to this group. 
  5. Click on Submit. 

You have now created your first group! A few other helpful tips:

  • If you are enrolling additional classes, use the same process for each. 
  • Click on Edit Account Details to customize the name and photo associated with your account.
  • From the Report section you can see each student’s progress. 


Click here if you need more assistance, or if you are a district buying for a number of schools. 

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