Bring AquaOptimism to your students

With BlueSTEM-based inquiry units ready to implement across K-12 in the classroom or remotely

AquaOptimism is a K-12 curriculum dedicated to a sustainable Blue Future.

It builds awareness, nurtures a culture of stewardship, encourages social action, builds STEM skills, and educates students about Blue Careers.

Innovative K-12 education about 
"all things wet"

AquaOptimism blends STEM curricular design, innovative learning, and TMA Foundation’s vision for a sustainable Blue Future, giving students the tools they need to create, innovate, and lead.


K-2 Grades

Upper Elementary

3-5 Grades

Middle School

6-8 Grades

High School

9-12 Grades


Inquiry-based units with eight modules that build awareness, knowledge, and passion - and culminate with student action to promote a Blue Future.

A range of resources to engage and support all students.

Hands-on, collaborative learning for classroom or remote learning.

Classroom ready, teacher supportive, student centered.

Free educational resources

Engage your students with a range of learning resources curated by the AquaOptimism team. Resources are woven throughout the curricular units, or accessible independently.

Google Earth and satellite positions Have you ever thought about how many satellites are in the sky? And...
Animation of earth-orbit craft, up in space, and landing in the ocean This animation video of a man-made...
Virgin Galactic founder, Richard Branson, watches his dream of space travel materialize Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin...
Earth monitoring allows scientists to observe our oceans and other bodies of water with laser precision. Nepal was...
“We began as wanderers, and we are wandering still” – Carl Sagan This short video takes an inspirational look at...
Water in one part of the world can affect entire ecosystems in another.  In the frigid ocean beneath...

AquaOptimism for your students

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