Policymakers are critical to promote AquaOptimism, BlueTech and a sustainable Blue Planet

AquaOptimism is the entryway to Blue Education and a sustainable Blue Planet

Innovative BlueSTEM to promote Blue Stewardship

Improving living standards and employment

Promoting fair and sustainable usage of the ocean and water resources

Promoting the Circular Economy

The Blue Wave white paper promotes a sustainable Blue Planet

The Ocean Foundation and TMA BlueTech co-published “The Blue Wave” in April 2021 calling for an Apollo-style “Blue Wave Mission” focused on innovative technology and services to promote sustainable usage of the ocean and freshwater resources.

Why AquaOptimism?

If you are a policy maker, please contact us if you want to promote BlueSTEM and a sustainable Blue Economy in your region/country.

Be on the forefront of promoting a sustainable Blue Planet.

Promote entrepreneurs and prepare students for good paying Blue Jobs.

Promote global BlueSTEM education and Blue Industry collaboration.

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