Getting Started with Your Classrooms

Congratulations on creating your AquaOptimism account! We’re so glad you’re here. Below are the next steps to setting up your classrooms, students and content for viewing. 

Single User

Do you plan to go through the course lessons on your own?
Great! Jump right in.

(You can do this even if you plan to set up classrooms later.)


Have students that will be exploring the course lessons with you? Fantastic! Let’s set up your classroom so that they can proceed at their own pace (and you can track their progress)!

How set up your online classroom:

  1. Create your teacher account 
    (if you got a registered email, check that off, done!)


  2. Create your classroom(s)
    • choose how many seats for each classroom

  3. Open a classroom and assign seats your students
    (3 ways to do this):

    • Only have a few students?
      Create each student account, one at a time, by entering their name and email address.
    • Have a lot of students in this classroom?
      Upload a CSV file containing all student names and email addresses for this classroom.
    • Want your students to do all the work?
      Generate a unique classroom registration code that you can email to all your students, letting them enroll / create their own accounts from home.

OK, your classrooms are all set. Now what?

  1. Track students’ progress
    Once your classrooms are set up and your students are enrolled, you can check their progress at any time, right from your dashboard. 

  2. Purchase additional seats or new lessons. 
    You can add seats to your classrooms, or add additional 


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