Positions Of Satellites Around The Earth On Google Earth

Google Earth and satellite positions Have you ever thought about how many satellites are in the sky? And have you ever thought about where they are at any given time? Check out this amazing video to check out the 13,000 satellites in orbit around the earth.

Orbiting Earth, Landing In The Ocean

Animation of earth-orbit craft, up in space, and landing in the ocean This animation video of a man-made satellite orbiting Earth, then coming back down to land in an ocean, shows what we are capable of (and how the ocean makes our planet the beauty that it is.

A Letter to My Grandchildren

Virgin Galactic founder, Richard Branson, watches his dream of space travel materialize Richard Branson, the Founder of Virgin Galactic, is passionate about space travel. He has been for many, many years. In this moving video, Richard watches has a Virgin Galactic rocket makes its first trip to outer space.

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